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Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk have a crucial importance not only for the Turkish language and literature, but also for Turkish culture. Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk, which is of great importance in terms of giving the vocabulary of Turkish until 11th century, has been one of the most used sources of Turkology up to now. Turkish is one of the most ancient languages in the world. Research on vocabulary, vocabulary building and vocabulary acquisition has an important place in historical and contemporary linguistic studies on Turkish language. Divanü Lugati’t Türk that means ‘Turkish Dialects Dictionary’, is a first dictionary of the Turkish by dialects words that is included dialects materials. Richness of languages evaluates by its vocabulary. Historical dictionaries are given importance to determine general Turkish vocabulary. Divanü Lugati’t Türk is one of the most significant works of Turkish language. In addition to it is a rich source points of historical progress and vocabulary of Turkish language. Semantics is an area of science that studies the meanings of a language using the diachronic and synchronic methods. It is well known that there are few studies on semantics in Turkish. Semantic extension, semantic restriction, change into another meaning, improvement, embellishment, degradation of meanings are only a few of the working fields of semantics. This article, some ‘bad’ meaning words in Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk will be investigated. There are a lot of words that express in Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk. Some of these words are following: Aluk, Çok, Esiz, Yawlak, Yawuz etc. Some of these words is defined as ‘hapax legomenon’ in Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk. This article, origins and meaning of these words will be examined.

Divanü Lûgati’t-Türk, vocabulary, the bad meaning words


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