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Time carries a wide and notional sense. Limit, mean and measurement of time is expressed with duration concept. Time periods in Turkish are stated from largest to smallest such as following: Time, era, century, year, season, month, week, yesterday tomorrow, hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds... The most commonly used time zone is hour; because daily life is regulated according to hour. The full hour, half, quarter expressions at time scaling are destinations of certain numbers. Full hour shows the top of hours; half shows the midpoint in the hour interval; quarter indicates the quartile points at time interval. At this article, hours expression patterns, are discussed in terms of structure and function. Under structure title there are main topic sentence and phrase mainly, noun and verb phrase in the sentence; the adjective clause phrases, prepositional phrases, time phrases, gerund phrases and noun phrase as sub-titles. Function includes mainly topic sentences and phrases it also includes asking and answering the past, present and future time in sentence; hour functions that indicates length, precision and approximation of time, the approximate time limitations, the forth time limits, expression that shows time interval in the phrase.

Time, screen time, moment, group of hour, function and structure at expression of hour.


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