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If it is explained in cultural continually point of view, it is seen that the Turks kept their life styles and traditions after they became Muslim. Some of these traditions and life-styles that were not appropriate with Islamic regulations changed in the course of time, some of them disappeared and some of them kept their existence by gaining Islamic identity. Turkology as a discipline engages in research on not only Turkish languages but also the history, origins, religious beliefs, material and moral cultural aspects as well as the socioeconomic composition of Turkish peoples. In this article will be about ‘tekin cult’ in Old Turkish beliefs with the word ‘teg > tek’ particle and its derivatives word ‘tegin ~ tekin’ in Turkish Language. The word ‘tegin ~ tekin’ has not been examined by researchers in details, and it has only been mentioned in some grammar books, articles and dictionaries. Therefore, in order to clarify this word, some determinations on the word ‘tegin ~ tekin’ have been made. As a result; researchers must be considered carefully over the role of cultural factors as performing a study concerned with Turkish culture and historical development of Turkish culture. Because the traditional cultural elements regardless of whatever assets are able to maintain. Despite Turks had put into many religions and belief systems in the history process, cultural elements as gains of old beliefs were able to arrive until today. So today for all the cultural values which we have, we need to look at in this context. Moreover, reanalysing the text of popular culture by means of modern psychology is essential in order to acquire Turkish culture even better in terms of developing new points of view.

Turkish language, Old Turkish beliefs, Word ‘Tegin ~ tekin’, Tekin cult.


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