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Globalization and rapidly changing every institution in the world, to compete with other institutions in their respective fields, to closely monitor the age of continuous self-renewal, development, and should be in a dynamic structure. Catch constantly evolving and changing needs of society and the corporate level of contemporary civilization itself can move forward. Total Quality Management, the development of the education system, improving and upbringing personnel to respond to society's expectations, according to the traditional educational approach is a more advanced understanding of management. Organizations attain qualified staff in the education system, the education system to follow the continuous development and consequently making the necessary improvements to keep pace with these developments met. This development efforts and improvements made to society's expectations, demands and needs, resistance to change is not possible with the conventional system to respond. Development of the education system, countries in the increase of production capacity and quality standards have a significant impact on the arrest. Therefore, the concept of Total Quality Management in educational institutions should be carried out effectively. Therefore, occurring in the world in terms of scientific and educational developments of importance to our country's education system, adapting the education system to create a realistic and permanent policies are of great importance. To keep pace with this rapid change and to train qualified people in different educational institutions quest has entered into management. As in all areas to promote the understanding of quality in education; All institutions, organizations and individuals to provide a competitive advantage. Evolving rapidly growing and changing educational needs of our society, our education system and the people of the 21st century contemporary techniques to produce manpower makes it imperative to strengthen the structure and functioning. This implementation of modern management concept and the quality of education provision will be with the understanding of Total Quality Management. This management process to implement an effective educational system, an indispensable element of life that depends on the use of communication effectively. So in the social structure should be established effective communication network, all communication should be established in a manner consistent with the social structure. TQM in education, students or parents present and future expectations in order to meet time and within budget, with the participation of all employees, continuous improvement and renewal of educational activities envisaging is a management approach. The aim of this study was the importance of the quality of education and explain the effectiveness of TQM in education, to discuss the feasibility and ultimately to the adoption in the education sector is to bring high benefits will be provided.

Quality, total quality, total quality management, communication.


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