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It is obvious that our country has signed successfull projects in the yacht construction field last decade. As a result of those projects, we had numerous yacht construction orders that brought us a leadership in the construction market. offcourse it was not a spontoneus process but as a result of high influence of marine tourism. Developping niche services in marine tourism in our country also shown a lanfmark in the yacht construction sector. Especially in our area, Bodrum region, unique wooden boat fleet existance is important with the effect of spirit of discovery to blue cruise. As well as repairs and maintenence of present fleet, our yards started to construct and export schooner all over the world. And this development showed positive influence in the region apart from Bodrum, yards in Bozburun and Fethiye also started to construct yachts. Our the most important ship building regions, Tuzla Shipyards took steps apart from Antalya Free Industrial Zone, and started to build mega yachts and super yachts for the customers all over the world. With this effect, numerous foreign investors seeked partnerships in big shipyards for luxury yacht built. There are much numbers of important points of our country such as geographical location, achievability, availabilty of materials, modern yacht marinas, and having the most beautiful bays of Meditarrenean sea that attract worldwide customers in new building, alteration, and repair sectors. We must not oversee importance of rendered quality of marine tourism services also. Service quality is integrated with blue flagged turquoise waters and had important role for new ship building orders. Any yacht owner had chances to use marinas exclusively after delivery of new yacht and to sail alongside of our paradisiacal coasts. And rich tourists would be motivated to buy and/or construct his own yacht after having such a marvellous experience and service. Inevitabley, i can say that marine tourism has the most important role to develop new building sector.

Yacht Building, Martime Tourism, Manufacturing, Economics, Maritime.


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