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This research examines autoethnographic works produced in contemporary thread art from the 2000s to the present in the context of the phenomenon of immigration. In this research, the existence of thread in the field of art with its changing meanings as textile art, fiber art, art fabric (artistic textiles) and thread art is discussed by including the historical process. Multiple definitions of autoethnography, an art-based research method, are included, and Evocative autoethnography, which contains the necessary features for the application of this method in the field of visual arts, is mentioned. Subsequently, while this theme was followed by the definition of the word immigration with an etymological meaning, the productions of six artists who dealt with the phenomenon of immigration in line with these definitions, Hale Ekinci, Daniela Tiger, Gözde Ju and Hatice Dönmez Aydın, who were included in the research, were discussed within the scope of the readings. The artists included in the findings with their productions were determined based on their autoethnographic productions. This research covers the phenomenon of immigration, which lies under sociology, and witnessing the connection of autoethnographic meanings presented by artists who have experienced immigration through their selected productions. As a result, it is seen that artists who have experienced the act of immigration are influenced by the autobiographical data of their own life stories and the sections of the ethnographic foundations they have been fed by the culture they come from. Although the productions that reference the immigration experience in question are not a representation of a real act of immigration, it has been clearly seen that they are a reference to the phenomenon of immigration in the fiction stage.

Immigration, Fiber Art, Autoethnography.


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