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The main goal of the research idea is to determine the impact of the media and various types of social networking pages (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) in shaping the trends of thoughts to accept or reject the most dangerous idea that threatens the entity of any civilization or society, which is the family, especially in Iraq, represented by the phenomenon of domestic violence, which has begun to increase. Its intensity in Eastern societies, including Iraq, is due to customs and traditions that still reduce the importance and role of women and the family in building society, due to the lack of understanding and the revolution of technologies that have become the greatest control over the behaviors of individuals with various problematic roles of positive and negative, which strongly calls for the need to determine the strength of this. The effect of activating it is to constructively address individuals’ attitudes and reject violence in all its forms regarding this problem.And the importance of addressing it by analyzing the reasons behind it in a way that enhances the importance of coming up with proposals to reduce this dangerous phenomenon. To achieve this, the researcher chose a sample consisting of (500) respondents who answered the research scale, and they were selected by a simple random method. The researcher adopted the descriptive analytical method using a social survey using a sample. A set of results were reached that showed that the impact of the means was significant in spreading the phenomenon of domestic violence, and that it also had a great ability to generate ideas of rejection of the idea of domestic violence if it was directed correctly

Domestic violence, media (visual and audio). Social networking pages.


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