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Radio as a Religious Communication Tool in the Context of Islam and Modernity (1920-1990)
The aim of this study is to reveal that religions generally follow innovations very closely, are open to technology, and actively use the radio, which is one of the mass media, as a religious communication tool since the first day. For this reason, in this study, the relationship between Islam in particular and other religions in general and radio, which emerged as a result of modernity, has been discussed in a broad axis. In this context, the beginning of radio broadcasting in the world and in Turkey has been mentioned and how it has been used in a different format in the historical process has been revealed. The transition process from the use of the radio for entertainment and education to propaganda and from there to religious broadcasts has been evaluated from different perspectives. Therefore, in the study, it was concluded that with the widespread use of radio, religious organizations were not late in using this tool. In this respect, the scope of the study consists of the 1920s, the first years of the emergence of radio. In the study, it was traced back to the 1990s, when religious publications all over the world settled in a certain format, and determinations were made about which programs were made. As a result of the examinations, it was understood that the first examples of religious programs started with the practices in America. In addition, in this article, religious broadcasting hours in European countries are discussed and the development of religious broadcasts in the field of radio in Turkey is evaluated. Finally, it has been observed that the Turkish society started to be informed through religious programs on the radios after the 1950s and found answers to the questions they were curious about.

Religious Communication, Islam and Modernity, Radio and Communication, Mass Communication, Religious


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