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The main objective of this inquiry is to elucidate the concept, significance, and categories of whistleblowing commonly encountered in scholarly literature. Additionally, the study aims to scrutinize the actions that prompt whistleblowing and explore the ramifications of whistleblowing on both employees and organizations. Whistleblowing is not merely the act of reporting irregularities or unethical conduct within and beyond the confines of an organization; rather, such actions inherently contravene legal, ethical, or business protocols. Information disclosure, a broader term that encompasses whistleblowing, may involve the divulgence of trade secrets held by private enterprises, confidential government intelligence, or personal data of individuals. Such leaks are generally deemed unlawful and may result in severe legal penalties. Information disclosure can manifest in various forms, including dissemination through media outlets, breaches within the organizational framework, or cyber-attacks. Two distinct forms of information release are identified: internal and external whistleblowing. Internal whistleblowing involves reporting within the organizational structure, while external whistleblowing pertains to reporting beyond the organizational boundaries. Reporting irregularities and unethical practices that arise internally within the organization is undeniably challenging but nonetheless imperative. In instances such as the production and marketing of products jeopardizing public health, infringement upon human rights, employment of unregistered or underage labor, tax evasion, violation of partner or stakeholder rights, harassment, and physical/psychological violence, the reporting of organizational employees possessing superior knowledge of these practices assumes paramount importance.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Whistleblowing, Whistleblower, Internal and External Whistleblowing.


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