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Productivity is one of the indicators and standards on the basis of which the extent of development in the industrial sector can be measured. The importance of adopting this indicator in the field of public sector industries increases because of its connection in terms of content and dimensions to the productivity of workers in the short and long term. The problem of production efficiency represents the main obstacle facing industrial operations of various types, whether extractive or transformational, and it is perhaps considered the most important because of its negative effects on all other industrial sectors (private and mixed.( The research aims to identify the reality of public sector industrial facilities in Iraq through industrial indicators and relative importance, and to reveal the reality of the industrial composition and the extent of the diversity of these industrial activities. In addition to measuring and analyzing production factors affecting productivity efficiency, independently and together, and at the level of public sector industrial facilities. The research problem is represented by the inefficiency of public industrial sector institutions, low value added, and low contribution to the gross domestic product. This is due to the fact that the components and requirements of its average production cost of goods and services are high and cost more and higher than the cost of its competitors, and the weak investment role, especially with regard to the establishment of new facilities and companies, and the weakness of the infrastructure, as well as the absence of political and security stability, which led to low production rates and high energy rates. Unemployed productivity, which negatively affected labor productivity in this sector of industry and the economic reality in general. The study found that the concentration of the value of economic efficiency and production efficiency in public industrial sector establishments at the level of industrial activities was in the food products industry, achieving about half of the degrees of differentiation, making it at the forefront of industries capable of contributing to the gross domestic product. As for spatial trends, the geographical distribution and its variation appear. On the basis of the scores of the first factor (the value of non-commodity production - the sum of production values), in Baghdad Governorate and Basra Governorate, and appeared spatially in the center and south of the study area.

Anahtar Kelimeler
productivity, industrial sector, efficiency.


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