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Representation in representative democracies, which today refers to a limited and non-direct democratic form of government; it ensures that management and the governed are connected by defending the views of individuals or protecting their interests. Representation, which reflects a form of relationship that enables individuals or groups within society to act on behalf of the whole of society, and equality, which constitutes one of the basic principles of democracy, are implemented through elections in the political system. Ensuring equality between men and women in political participation and representation, which constitute the basic elements of elections held by democratic methods in the modern world, is one of the most basic indicators of a country's development. Because expanding inclusiveness to all segments of society is an indispensable element of participation in governance and democracy. The purpose of the research conducted is; To raise awareness about "Women's Representation in Politics", which is seen as an insurmountable problem in the 100th anniversary of the Republic. Women, who make up half of the population, are often ignored, especially in terms of political representation. During the field study conducted in Çanakkale province, one-on-one interviews were held with former female MPs, female provincial chairmen, female council members and heads of women's branches who were actively serving in politics. Qualitative data collected from 15 women representatives were processed with content analysis using the Maxqda statistical program. The data obtained were presented in a thematic way in the research and the findings were evaluated. As a result of the research; it has been determined that there is a problem with gender inequality in the political arena in Turkey, that participating women politicians do not receive any training in political science, that there are individual, personal, organizational and social obstacles in taking an active role in politics, and that the quota practices implemented by political parties are not carried out at the desired level. As a result of the research, solution suggestions were made for the problems identified regarding the positions of women political representatives in politics and the inadequacy of their representation rates.

Representation, Women Representation, Politics, The Issue of Women’s Representation in Politics


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