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Technology, which has been constantly developing since the beginning of human history, shows its effects in various areas and transforms the existing life into a new way of life. One of the main areas affected by technology is culture. Computer and internet technology, which developed especially at the end of the 20th century, opened an irreversible breakthrough in culture. In this alternative environment to face-to-face communication, there is digitalization of culture. While existing local cultural elements are taking their place and spreading in the digital cultural environment, new cultural elements are also being created in this environment. Digital culture has been addressed by many disciplines dealing with people and culture. Folklore, one of these disciplines, carries on studies on the structure, functions, meaning, and new and transformative effects of folklore elements in the digital environment. One of the topics that folklore deals with is good luck objects. People, who have always had a need to believe as long as they exist, attribute meaning to objects and try to satisfy their need to believe through them. Lucky objects are objects whose origins are based on fetishes and totems and whose positive qualities and power are desired to be used. In this paper, the contents, sources, and the new functions gained by globalization of lucky objects in the digital cultural environment will be discussed and cultural analyzes will be made through lucky objects in the digital cultural environment

Good luck objects, folk believes, dijital culture, dijital folklore, social media


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