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This study aims to analyze mobbing, which is frequently encountered in food and beverage establishments, through symbols, visual elements and cinematic language. Within the scope of the analysis, the movie “The Menu” was analyzed with semiotics technique and it was revealed how the mobbing phenomenon was conveyed through various visual symbols and scenes. The movie “The Menu” symbolizes the mobbing problem encountered in food and beverage businesses with the story that takes place in the kitchen of a luxury restaurant. In the movie, the atmosphere of the kitchen symbolizes the predicament and stress experienced, and the facial expressions and body language of the characters show the psychological effects that mobbing can create. As a result of the analysis, indicators such as humiliation, revenge, harassment, show of power and being driven to suicide as a result of pressure were found in the movie The Menu. In addition, the symbols in the film reinforce the mobbing phenomenon and emphasize the balance of power in the work environment. For example, the preparation and presentation stages of the meals in the movie represent the competition and pressure between the employees, and the knives and similar equipment used represent the threat elements of mobbing.

Mobbing, Food and Beverage Businesses, Cinema, Semiotics Theory


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