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poster has a special importance that confirms the nature of the function assigned to it, as it is a pattern of community communication and a tool to achieve the required change in accordance with the nature of the stage that societies are going through, and on this basis the (awareness) poster began to present itself without relying on other means, as it is closely linked It is closely related to our daily lives in terms of problems, concerns, and the occasions of its issuance, and thus it adopts the educational, educational, directive, and media function, achieving its positive reflection on society by strengthening morale and calling for caution and prevention, especially in light of the pandemic. The development of awareness is the lofty goal of the individual and society, as it changes with the development of societies, and this change has important applications in the strategies of the educational poster, which clearly affects the design of the educational message through its clear and simplified semantic expressions. Therefore, the importance of research comes by contributing to strengthening the development of awareness and working on events Positive change in receiving attitudes. The research aims to reveal the role of the educational poster and the extent to which its positive repercussions on society are achieved in light of the pandemic. This was the most prominent of what was included in the first chapter, while the second chapter contained two topics, the first on the mechanisms of designing the educational poster and its relationship to the job, and the second on the factors necessary to achieve positive reflection according to the awareness development mechanism. And emerged from the theoretical framework indicators as a scientific subject that benefited the researcher in her procedures and method of research in the descriptive analysis (content analysis) of the samples researched, and this is what was discussed in the third chapter, which is the chapter on procedures. It also contained results, including: 1- Adopting the educational poster at the present time represents an urgent need and its main purpose in order to reveal the repercussions of the development of the pandemic. 2- Employing the contents of the educational poster to achieve community awareness as a kind of contribution and responsibility towards the progress of the pandemic, according to its place, time, and the nature of its local community. The researcher includes some conclusions below 1- There is a close relationship between the clarity of the advertising idea and the positive reflection of it by members of the community. 2- The culture of society also plays a major role in the extent of the positive reflection of the educational poster campaigns, which is represented in the degree of awareness of the people and their transmission of new ideas in the interest of their future, and their willingness to be convinced of the issue raised in the campaign under the principle of accepting the opinion of the other and not rejecting it. The researcher recommended Encouraging scientific advertising research specialized in crisis management, financing it, and financially supporting it from specialized authorities, and working on applying it at the field level and benefiting from it, by assigning specialized people or committees working in technical institutions and media agencies, and even specialists in psychology and sociology, to work on designing awareness posters and adopting them through Mechanisms activated in order to change the behavior of the individual or society.

posters، positive ،Community.


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