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The current research deals with a suggestion study of communication in the interior spaces of deaf and mute institutes, represented by expressive meanings and connotations, and embodying the suggestion in the design of the role of the designer as a messenger of a message represented by symbols and signs that have meanings understood by the recipient of the message, and they are (the deaf and dumb) through visual stimuli and stimuli that draw the child to attention through Formal designs and symbolic paintings with defining or educational meanings. The first chapter included defining the research problem and the need for it, which was embodied in the following question (Does visual communication have a role in designing interior spaces for people with disabilities who are deaf and dumb?) Therefore, the aim of the research was: to identify the Intimation of communication between the internal spaces of the institutes for the deaf and mute, and to define its literary and scientific terminology. The indicators of the theoretical framework that flow into the subject of the research were reached, which helped in reaching the research methodology adopted in the third chapter, which included the research procedures and methodology, so we relied on the descriptive approach (comprehensive survey method) for the total research community according to the justifications that were explained in the analysis through Indicators of the theoretical framework. As for the fourth chapter, it included a review of the results from which the theoretical material of the second chapter was summarized. The ability of the interior designer to show the suggestiveness of communication in the interior design and its employment in the design of the interior spaces Intimation and cognitive awareness of the determinants of the interior space contributed that the communication in the interior spaces for people with disabilities took the nature of simplicity because it is an artistic style based in its formations on the elements of the interior space and its visual reflections in Areas of designing interior spaces and the treatments that achieve it through the elements of communicating the sender, the message and the receiver, in addition to the feedback. Perceptual relations The continuation of cognitive relationships in the interior space through the perception of suggestion in the physical visual determinants has contributed to the ability of the designer through the role of visual elements and furniture in the interior space and providing a safe internal environment that meets the needs of a deaf and dumb child. The conclusions reached by studying the research community and then providing recommendations and proposals for future research.

suggestions, communication, interior spaces


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