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The topic of quotation in the field of designing interior spaces of a heritage character takes precedence in the alphabet of much of the interior design and architecture literature, including axes related to the culture of society and its adherence to its popular Baghdadi heritage, according to the approaches followed by the theory that interprets the method of quotation in the design of the interior spaces of cultural forums., thatOne of the most important tasks is the foundation sought by the designer resulting from knowledge of naturethese spacesand its use in framing its characterheritageBy translating his requirementsasatellite and hiringElements and vocabulary taken from the Baghdadi folklore by various mechanisms AndIn a manner different from what we find in most other spaces to launch towards a conceptthe quote,Using visions and ideas to launch towards a conceptTranslates the interfaceheritagefor our country,To lead us to the tagged search address"the quote and values aesthetic in design spaces internal contemporary". The research consists of four chapters: Chapter One: Dealing with the research problem that has crystallizedBwondering,What is the role of quotation in showing the aesthetic values of designing contemporary interior spaces?, depending on the strategyAesthetic values in the design of the cultural forum space.The aim of the research is to include Revealing the aesthetic values of quotation through the design vision of contemporary interior spaces.The importance of the current research was evidentBanhaThe research study contributes as a step to establishing and clarifyingThe relationship of quotation with regard to aesthetic values when designing contemporary interior spacesasThis study is of great importance in shedding light by specialists on the most important design foundations for quotation indesign. Which was represented by the objective limits of the research, while the spatial and temporal limits were determinedinstudyQuote and beauty values in cultural forumsthatThe vocabulary of folklore was employed in its spaces, or creative values were added to the vocabulary of spaceIn Baghdad sidej Karkh andRusafa sincegeneral2010M .As for the chapter represent bato the theoretical frameworkI specialize in studying the concept of quotation and its mechanisms in interior design and architecture. as well as The strategy of beauty values in the citation methods of the design productionasIt included heritage and its role in consolidating the cultural identity in the contemporary internal space of the Cultural Forum.As for Chapter III:It included the approved research procedures and methodology, as the research relied on the descriptive approach in analyzing the research samples (comprehensive survey method) for the total research community according to the justifications indicated by the researcher for the analysis.Research and analysisa. As forthe fourth chapter:Include the results and conclusions reached from this research, and among the most prominentThese results:- shares Café spaceActive presence in the embodiment of symbolsheritagewithin its design, she gave ceilingsin the café space asensitivemy heritageExpressively, by emphasizing the contents of a close relationship with symbolsheritage,OfaTake advantage of the aesthetic and expressive aspects that are theaSass in the development of a system of contemporary interior design in a manner compatible with LaSAS ALaContemporary social. It also includes the fourth chapterproposalsDesign theory, recommendations, list of sources and appendices.

Citation. values of Aesthetic. interior design.


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