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Marco Polo would almost have fallen into oblivion and extinction had he not been fortunate, as his book received wide attention, although printing at that time did not invade Europe until after nearly 200 years, and this book was handwritten among the 120 manuscripts that were found, published Marco Polo wrote about the year 1300 in a language that existed in the Middle Ages called the Italian-French language, and it spread very quickly inside and outside Italy in an era that did not know printing. And after the invention of printing in 1439, the book became unprecedentedly popular in the West, and therefore the book was the first best-selling book worldwide in history, and about one hundred and fifty copies of those original handwritten copies in more than ten languages are still in existence today, Unfortunately, it differs in some details, but the amount of information in it is enormous. Livres des merveilles du mond or Description of the World in French Divisament dou monde, also known as Oriente Poliano in Italian Oriente Poliano or by its more common name The Travels of Marco Polo, is a 13th-century travel book written by Rustichello da Pisa from stories he told Marco Polo, describing the latter's travels through Asia, Persia, China and Indonesia between 1271-1291.

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ravel, trade, Marco Polo.


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