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The purpose of this study is to investigate the pre-service science teachers’ views on the portfolios that they prepared in Science Teaching Laboratory Application I course. In the study, specific case study design was used. In this study, specific case study design was used. The study was conducted with 35 pre-service science teachers in their third year of science education department throughout seven weeks during 2012-2013 academic years. This study lasted seven weeks in Science Teaching Laboratory Application I course. At the beginning of the implementation process, the content of portfolios were described to pre-service science teacher, the best portfolios formed by the other pre-service science teacher were demonstrated and it was argued that what should be in the content of the portfolios. We asked pre-service science teachers to prepare portfolios about units chosen by researchers in the 6-7-8th grade science education program after the learning of contents of portfolios. We asked pre-service science teachers to put worksheet, concept map, poster, stories, poems, caricature, experiment, study assessment form, peer assessment form and studies reflecting themselves into portfolios. Then each of preservice teacher asked to present the studies put into portfolios to describe and explain why she or he put them into portfolios in about fifteen minutes. The data were collected by semi-structured interviews to investigate the views of pre-service science teachers on the portfolios at the end of the implementation process. The data were analysed inductively. Themes and sub-themes were formed and supported by direct citation. As a result of research, it is found that the pre-service teachers believe that preparing portfolios develops researcher skills, increase competency linked with content knowledge; reveal that they didn’t even know some of the qualifications. Pre-service teachers stated that they would use portfolio when they assigned as a teacher

Assessment- Evaluation, Portfolio, Science Teacher Education


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