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In the religion of Islam, prayer, which is defined as the servant's submission of his desires and wishes and complaints to Allah, the Almighty, with a sincere and humble heart, has been used a lot in poems, especially in the last part of the eulogies, by divan poets who are fed from Islamic sources. In some of these prayers, the Divan poets have made some people and elements instrumental in their prayers so that their wishes and desires will be answered by Allah Almighty. Tawassul means getting close, getting one's wish through something. Tawassul in prayers, which is the subject of discussion by great religious scholars, is a situation that many poets use in divan poetry. In order for the poets to accept the prayers, first of all, Allah (cc.) many religious elders, holy places and other elements considered important by the poet, prayed and supplicated. Divan poetry, which has a wide range of content, has also included many metaphors and notions on the subject of tawassul. When it comes to the fear of the hereafter in the prayers in the Divan poems or in the prayers in general, the essence of Allah (cc.) and the light of Muhammad (pbuh) was made a means. Again, in order to get rid of the negative situation of the poet or to find a response to the things they desire, the beings they consider sacred were used as tawassul in prayers.

Prayer, Tawassul, Means, Divan poetry.


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