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As the main actor, teachers provide schools and therefore the education system to achieve their goals. The professional competencies that teachers have in achieving the set goals are very important. On the other hand, the behaviours to be demonstrated regarding teacher leadership have not been able to demonstrate how much they contribute to the success of the school that is intended to be achieved. The ability to identify perceptions and expectations of teacher leadership and factors that have a positive or negative impact on these situations is very important in this context. The universe of this research, which examines the perception and expectations of teacher leadership of secondary school teachers, is 731 teachers in secondary schools in Samsun province of Wednesday as of 2022 2023 academic years, and the example is 252 teachers, calculated with 95% confidence levels and 0.5 confidence ranges, and determined by easy-to-access sampling. The "Teacher Leadership Scale" is used to collect research data. The data obtained by scale is analysed by ANOVA and t-test. Some of the results achieved as a result of the analysis are as follows: Teachers' perception and expectations of teacher leadership at the size of “Professional Development” are higher than “Corporate Development” and “Collaboration with colleagues”. In the sub-dimension “institutional Development”, the perception and expectations of teacher leadership differ in favour of teachers who graduate from the Faculty of Science and Literature and other faculty, depending on the type of school teachers graduate from. The perception and expectations of teacher leadership in the sub-dimension “Professional Development” are not different depending on the graduates of teachers, but it has been concluded that it has changed in favour of teachers who have a bachelor's degree in the sub-dimensions “Corporate Development” and “Co-operation with colleagues”.

Leadership, teacher leadership, secondary school.


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