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The effectiveness of animation and its promotional importance is closely related to advertising design and the subsequent emergence of the Internet and recent technological developments of technical additions in the use of modern digital devices such as computers and design programs, which changed the form and content of commercial advertising and its directive methods and transformed it from just an advertisement containing a set of graphic design elements and traditional typography to an effective visual method that depends on enhancing the advertising design and supporting it with animations according to a guiding system that applies the marketing strategy to update many ideas and what is achieved by its imaginative and objective aspects of material and moral benefit as a systemic structure whose promotional messages can be understood according to the contrast of its technical, design and technical data to determine its performance nature as a result of integrating the functional, aesthetic and expressive animations aspects deduced from their semantic value and the creative outputs reflected in these animations. The research included four chapters,The first chapter, which was devoted to the research methodology, included the research problem and the need for it, which was identified by the following question: What is the effectiveness of animation in advertising promotion? It also included the importance of research and the limits of research, as well as defining terms,The aim of the research is to identify the effectiveness of animation in advertising promotion as the descriptive analytical approach was adopted, which was devoted to the procedures followed in the research to analyze three models of advertising designs that include animation, and the research community came represented by the products of design advertisements based on graphics of the digital agency (Publicis Azerbaijan), issued in 2022, according to the analysis axes. As for the fourth chapter, it included a presentation of the results reached by the researchers, the most important of which are: 1. The animation of the model (1) has enhanced the effectiveness of the promotional advertisement through the integrative information and values added by letters and numbers according to the visual stimuli that they transmit, equal in importance to what the rest of the design elements presented in the advertisement, while the effectiveness of the animation in the model was adopted (2) focus Advertising content, and employed the animation of the model (3) visual metaphor in the representation of the advertising product. 2. The idea of promotional animation for models (2,1) relied on traditional creative methods and the main reference for inspiring and persuading the target audience to buy, while the idea of animation for model (3) relied on imaginative abilities as it is an influential visual suggestive factor to enrich the delusional movement of what the advertisement promotes.As for the most important conclusions, it came as follows: 1- The diversity of animation movements in the advertisement has an effective effect in determining their promotional tasks, in order to allow the consumer to interact with them according to foundations and structural design relationships within the design advertisement. 2- The creative animation movement in its forms and innovative Non- traditional ideas summarize traditional promotional efforts and spread visual messages that address many tastes, desires and purchasing interests of consumer.

effectiveness, animation, advertising promotion


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