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The ability of the teaching profession to meet individual and social expectations to the desired extent will contribute to the increased reputation of the profession, which is possible by loving and willful fulfillment of the profession. In this sense, the attitude developed in relation to the teaching profession is important for the expected contribution of teachers and for the professional happiness of teachers. The aim of this study is to determine whether the attitudes of the teacher profession and the attitudes of the class teachers based on gender, education level, the level of the class being read and the levels of attitude that are being obtained based on the vocational seniority variables are different. The universe of the research conducted for this purpose is 1139 classroom teachers in the Corum district within 2021 2022 academic years. The example is 233 classroom teachers, determined using the appropriate sampling method. The study used "attitude Scale for teacher profession" as a data collection tool. In the analysis of the research data, t-test and ANOVA tests were used, and post-hoc testing was applied to determine the difference between groups that were seen as differentiation. With the analysis of the research data, it has been concluded that the attitudes of classroom teachers regarding teacher profession are very high, and that there is no differentiation between vocational seniority and teacher education levels, but that there is a difference depending on the level of classroom that teachers read. In addition, the sub-dimension “value”, “occupational exhaustion” sub-size, “opening to occupational development” sub-size, and “disparity” sub-size of “indifference” was detected in relation to gender, while there was no differentiation in relation to gender in the whole scale.

Teacher, attitude, professional attitude


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