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Many local and foreign legislation suffer from the scarcity of effective laws to deal with this crime and combat its growth or even a mechanism for prevention, as the judiciary is still dealing with it within the traditional punitive texts in many countries. And to explain the crime and the means of committing it and how to deal with it in the Iraqi legislation and the legislation of some comparative countries and the statement of the criminal responsibility for it, as well as its social and psychological effects, especially cyber-bullying in it. It has become clear how dangerous the cyberbullying crime is, which requires a lot of effort to combat it, but it remains far from the proper foundations for it. Its variance, and the difficulty of legal adaptation to it, as well as the material nature of the crime, is one of the most important difficulties in the ways of combating this crime. The lack of legislation of one or some countries in the face of this crime leads to frustrating the efforts made in other countries, because we are talking about a transnational crime. With the increase in the number of cases considered by the investigation authorities in the field of electronic crime and their annual rates remarkably high, as modern technology plays a role in the uses of people in general in various areas of social and economic life, and these uses have a negative impact represented in the spread of crime by these modern means and the ease of penetration into private life. For individuals to confront cybercrime as an application of the efforts made by the investigation authorities in this field.

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criminal policy, crime control, bullying, cyberbullying


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