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The designers' interest in the subject of veneration and its relationship began to express glorification and reverence for everything that deserves it, and it is frequently associated with religions, the most prominent of which is the true Islamic religion, which calls for the sanctification and glorification of God Almighty, which is done by attempting to reverse it in the material aspects as well as the spiritual related to Man's relationship with his Creator throu For everything that bears this, the research concentrated on the form of physical components and elements without addressing spiritual values and holy values and public and private shrines, as well as the values carried by such shrines, and therefore the research problem might be defined as follows:?) The study aim (discovering adoration and its expressive manifestation in shrine furniture and interior design) was also included. The two researchers developed terminology relating to the research topic that are deemed to have solid foundations in the study. Present The second chapter included a theoretical framework to identify the concept of religious and philosophical veneration, as well as addressing the mechanisms of veneration through features and cognitive theories, as well as the principles and elements of interior design, and the third chapter included research procedures that included (the research community, sample and research tool, and analysis of the research sample following the research sample), and the fourth chapter included research procedures that included (the research community, sample and research tool, and analysis of the research sample following the research sample). The descriptive method in the analysis was represented by a form to identify the axes of the analysis, as well as the procedures touched on the sample that was chosen in a simple random fashion if it was connected to the subject of the study, so the number of models (2) from the total research community (5) design and by 33% The validity of the tool had a basic effect on installing the sample analysis form, then the analysis followed. The fourth chapter contained the research's findings and conclusions, as well as recommendations and ideas. The following are some of the researcher's most notable findings:Because the concept of veneration has characteristics such as lofty, prestige, and stability, in addition to the characteristics that bear a sense of comfort, tranquility, and stability at the level of the recipient, in addition to the fact that the influencing fact, the designer's ability appeared in highlighting the importance of achieving veneration in the holy shrines through the interrelationship between man and the shrines to consolidate positive feelings in society; The conclusions reached by the research included: In addition to this communication achieved by realizing the development of interaction formulas with the past to show a contemporary product, the interior designer advanced in showing the mechanism of veneration through expressive features in the clarity of design features as a sincere expressive material means. To indicate one of the principles on which the formal qualities in connection to the interior designs of sacred places are founded. The researcher proposes paying attention to the study of respect and its influence on the design of the interior spaces of public buildings, which is followed by recommendations. As a model, modern interior design for conference rooms. In addition, a study was undertaken that revealed: As a model, the performance of the act of reverence in the design product in palaces

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Veneration, sacred shrines


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