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Arabic poetry has a very important place in terms of transferring the ideas, values, cultural lives and perspectives of the society in which it emerged to the next periods. That is why one of the most important and common types of Arabic poetry is the lament. The tradition of lamenting or lamenting in Arab society dates back to ancient times. The helplessness that people experience in the face of death and pain with the changing times and conditions, the sadness one feels when losing a loved one or people form the basis of lamentation. In addition, lament is uttered not only in the face of death, but also in cases such as marriage, the destruction of a settlement or the state. At the same time, the lament showed some changes and differences depending on many factors such as social, political, religious, cultural, which occurred in different periods. The lament has also taken its share from all these experiences. Based on these thoughts, the changes and transformations in the lament in Arabic poetry during the period from the pre-Islamic period to the Andalusian Umayyads are discussed. The lament, which was handled in the time period starting before Islam and ending with the Andalusian Umayyads, constitutes the limits of this study.

Arabic poetry, Literature, Society, Death, Lament.


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