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Poetry is an important art by transferring the emotional, intellectual, cultural and social fabric of the society in which it is formed to the next generations. With this aspect, Arabic Poetry is also very broad in content and is a poem in which many different branches of art are used. Historically, it includes different stages. One of the most important verse forms of Arabic poetry is undoubtedly the qasida. The eulogy also contains several different verse forms. In terms of the structural features of the eulogy, it has been handled with a method starting from the ignorance period, starting with atlal or nasip, describing the region, continuing with the ghazal part, and passing to the praise part after the camel and journey description. In this study, we will consider the medih poem, which is the main theme of the eulogy. Praise is a phenomenon that is as old as the existing human being, with the act of praising one's beloved, which is a reflection of the love that exists in human nature. Accordingly, in Arabic poetry, praise is an art that has existed since the period of ignorance and has survived until today by undergoing some minor changes with changing times and conditions. In this study, we will divide the Praise Poetry into two parts as human and prophetic, and we will divide and analyze the Human Praise period as the Ignorance period, the Umayyad period, the Abbasid period and the Andalusian period. We will give examples from the famous poets of each period. We will consider the prophetic method as the period of spread of Islam and talk about its influence on the next periods.

Praise, Human praise, Prophetic praise, Ode, Praise Poem.


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