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Analysis Of Fuzûli's "İstemez" Redifed Ghazal By Ontological Analysis Methodology
The breakthroughs in positive sciences in the 19th and 20th centuries have brought about great changes. These changes have also affected the view towards language and literary works. Modern scientific understandings of hermeneutics, semiotics, linguistics and structural language have completely changed the perception and analysis of literary works. One of the mentioned scientific understandings is the ontological analysis method, which examines literary works in layers. The order of layers in the ontological method consists of sound, meaning, object, destiny and fate. The correlation between these elements provides the emergence of the artistic value of literary works. Within the tradition of Divan poetry, many poems have been written for about six centuries. In order to understand these poems and to prove their literary value, first of all, classical paraphrase studies were made. Divan poetry products have begun to be studied with the anthological method, which is one of the modern and aesthetic methods, with the changing and developing time. The studies carried out in the field prove that the system of layers required by the ontological method is suitable for the structure of Divan poetry and the organic bond within itself. In this study, first of all, information about the ontological method is given and the layers of existence are mentioned. Then, attention has been drawn to the important points about the application of the ontological method to literary works. Afterwards, the sound, meaning, object, destiny and fate layers that make up the internal and external structure of Fuzuli's ghazal with the redif "istemez" have been determined and the artistic value of the ghazal is tried to be revealed. As a result, it has been revealed that modern and aesthetic methods can be used besides classical methods in the analysis of Divan poetry products.

Fuzuli, ghazal, ontology, analysis.


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