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While the life we are in is being watched in the usual way, some unexpected circumstances and times can be caused by chaos and chaos for any reason. Such situations are very important for schools as an open system as it affects all stakeholders, especially students. In schools, the pre-crises, the taking of necessary measures, the effective management of potential crises and the minimal damage to the crisis are related to the school managers' skills related to the crisis. In this study, the aim of determining the crisis management skills levels of the principal is to determine the teacher's opinion. It has also been attempted to determine whether the crisis management skills of school managers differ depending on some of the variables that teachers have. In this framework, the study used the crisis Management Skills Scale of the School Managers as a data collection tool. The study was conducted with 316 teachers in different types and grades in the Ordu province of Unye within the 2019 2020 academic year. The 0.05 confidence range ratio and appropriate sampling approach were taken into account in the determination of the research sample. The research concluded that school managers have medium-level crisis management skills. However, it has been concluded that the crisis management skills levels of the school managers are not differentiated based on teacher education status and in-service training situations. However, it has been concluded that the levels of crisis management skills of the school managers differ depending on the experience of teachers' crisis situations, the type and stage of school being assigned, and the vocational seniority of teachers. It was also concluded that, depending on the gender of the teachers, the scale is not differentiated at the moment of crisis and the lower dimensions of the scale after the crisis, while the scale is different from the gender of teachers in the sub-dimensions before the crisis.

Crisis, crisis management, crisis management skills of school principals


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