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The purpose of this study is to determine (the impact of method 1-2- 4 on fourth-grade mathematics success) and achieve the following objectives: I've proposed the following zero hypothesis: There is no statistically significant difference at the level of (0.05) between the average grades of students in the experimental group who are taught using a strategy(4-2-1) and the average grades of pupils in the officer group who are taught using the traditional method in the achievement test of mathematics. The study er used an experimental design with partial control of the groups (experimental and control) with the following experimental design, and in light of this design, the study er chose a random sample, the study er chose safana mixed Elementary School in Palestine Street, which is affiliated with the Directorate General of the first Rusafa, as the study sample (72). The researcher employed the random methodology of division to represent the experimental group who studied scientific themes using the (4-2-1) method, and the officers who studied the same in the traditional method. To assess the equivalence of the two study groups, the following criteria were used: (age estimated in months, intelligence), and to carry out the experiment, the study er chose (12) scientific ideas from the first six chapters of the Textbook of systematic mathematics. For elementary school pupils in the fourth grade. Experiment, the study er specified the first year semesters and the behavioural goals were formulated by the study er whose number (24) was used to write teaching plans in light of the independent variable, a sprepared the study er an achievement test as a study tool with a number of paragraphs (24) and the study er confirmed the authenticity of a test by presetting it to a group of experts and arbitrators, before the end of the experiment, The result was statistically significant differences between two groups, the good and the experiment, who were investigated using a method.(4-2-1)

Anahtar Kelimeler
Collection, strategy, 1-2-4.


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