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Our research, tagged (tools of killing and torture in Andalusia), came in which we explained many of the methods of torture used, according to what we have seen. The methods of their use varied and varied according to the nature of the crime or the offense committed by the individual or the group if these were close to or opposed to the rulers. . It was cutting the necks with the sword, which is well known, or crucifixion, or cutting the head with sharp tools other than the sword, as well as putting poison or using the process of suffocation, and this appears on the individual level. As for the collective level, the texts mentioned the method of mass killing, which was often the result of a collective movement opposing the rulers, regardless of the methods leading to this movement, and some internal opposition sources have informed us. We also touched on the method of imposing sieges on cities and castles that declared their rebellion against the central government, which often ends with the destruction of those fortresses by using military offensive means such as catapults. What follows is mass killings and looting. Finally, it should be noted that prisons were divided into two types: the private, which is often part of the components of the presidential palaces in which close personalities and the opposition who set the rule are imprisoned, in isolation from the other type, which is public prisons.

murder, genocide, prison. Strangulation. Torture.

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