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The design process is a creative process in which the designer seeks to follow new innovative methods, techniques, or ideas, rejecting the usual solutions and traditional patterns, and employing shapes, images, symbols and expressive structures that have exhausted their meaning and lost their magic due to their excessive prevalence, using new and contemporary formal formulations by new means. Hence, the development of art Origami, in its many expressive and diverse forms, freed from being just an activity with a Japanese history, continued only to become an art with a wide range of applications used, especially after the emergence of (computer origami) to open the doors to completely new areas of innovation and on a large scale to enter the industrial, engineering, architectural, mathematics, medicine, space and other fields Fashion arts, decoration and graphic design, and through a preliminary exploratory study of the researcher for a group of contemporary commercial advertisements, the researcher found that there is a scientific need to clarify the plastic and aesthetic capabilities of some techniques (the art of origami) and the resulting contemporary plastic formulations in the field of commercial advertising design, which carries with it various bodies Innovative and unusual are synthesized by the formation of p According to the designer's imaginary vision and design idea, this was a logical reason to delve into the research problem, which was determined by the following two questions: -What is the possibility of employing origami art techniques in creating contemporary aesthetic forms in the design of advertising posters? The importance of the research lies in the fact that it may contribute to opening new horizons for graphic designers through the use of origami art to achieve a creative intellectual design vision and provide artistic and aesthetic solutions that enrich the innovative process. The objective of this study is clear in revealing the use of origami art in the design of commercial advertising. The research community can be defined across thematic boundaries / employing the art of origami in the design of commercial advertising. As for the spatial limits, they are: the advertisements published on the Internet, while the time is determined by (2019-2021).

origami art, Graphic design, Commercial advertising.

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