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There has been a great shift in the types of sculpture ores used in the twentieth century from traditional materials such as stone to untraditional and unfamiliar materials such as metals and industrial waste, and within various forms, methods and topics, which gave the researcher a passion for exploration in this field, and shed light on the types of new ores and methods Employing and forming them within a group of artistic trends and currents that adopt multiple cognitive, critical, philosophical and social ideas and concepts. To achieve this, the study was divided into several axes and topics, starting with the introduction, which gave an overview of the subject of the ore, its importance, types, characteristics and its and work in the art of sculpture since ancient times, leading to its new qualitative and stylistic transformations in contemporary art. The second axis included the theoretical framework that dealt with several topics on the modalities of transformation in the art of the twentieth century in general, and then the modalities of transformation in sculptural ores in the twentieth century, and a review of the most important materials employed in the currents and trends of contemporary sculptural formation, both modern and postmodern, The last axis was concerned with presenting the results of the research, including: the contemporary artist’s investment of all kinds of ores available in the vicinity of vision, whether they are industrial, such as metals, plastic, even light, or natural, such as branches, soil, stones, and even the living body of the human being himself, and their use in sculptural formation in proportion to intellectual premises to contemporary society.

Anahtar Kelimeler
aesthetic employing, sculpture ores, technical formation, contemporary sculpture.


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