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Techniques differ in the diversity of application mechanisms and the final results of the work, for example, the preparation of (Paper Clay) the subject of the research, which is the process of producing a composition consisting of clay and paper in order to obtain a material with specialty in forming, drying, burning, weight and other properties. Based on the foregoing, the problem of the current research can be formulated in the following question: Can Paper Clay be made locally? The current research aims to: 1- The possibility of preparing paper (Paper Clay) using local raw materials. 2- Learnaboutthemechanismandstepsforpreparing(PaperClay) locally. 3- Getting to know the properties of the product before and after burning. As for the research procedures, the researcher used the descriptive experimental method and prepared the local raw materials (Duwaikha soil, Khan Bani Saad soil (agricultural soil) , egg layer carton). The experimental procedures for the research were carried out as follows- : 1- PreparingPaperClaymixtures. 2- Makingpaperclaymodelsandburningthem. 3- Dosomelaboratorytests. Based on the foregoing, the research came out with a set of conclusions, the most important of which are: 1- Itispossibletouselocalrawmaterialstopreparepaperclaythat is successful in producing artistic works. 2- TheresearcherpreferstheclaymixturespreparedfromDweikhla Tina, over the mixtures prepared from Khan Bani Saad Tin, because these mixtures gave good results during formation and after burning. 3- The increase in the percentage of paper more than (30%) in the mixtures has a negative role in the process of preparing mixtures (Paper Clay) due to the difficulty of forming the produced clay, in addition to the fragility of the models after burning and their high porosity.

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local raw materials, preparation, paper clay.


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