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The teaching profession requires continuous renewal as a profession that touches the life of an individual and is critical to the shape of the future, and that teachers are in constant professional development efforts. Different ways can be applied to ensure professional development. In some ways, this is due to differences in the way individuals learn. In general, the preferred training activities are in-service training to improve the professional competencies of teachers and support professional development. Within the central management sense, it is easy to access teachers through planned in-service training activities as teachers are believed to have, but it is not always the benefit that teachers are expected to participate in these activities. Depending on the self-assessment results teachers will be able to determine learning requirements, the method and process for meeting the identified learning needs, and the planning of teachers in their own way, will increase and ensure acceptance of the process. The School-based Professional Development (SBPD) Model is an application that provides teachers and school administrators with processes that provide support in developing professional knowledge, skills, values and attitudes, creating effective learning and teaching environments. This research, which covers the study of teachers' views on the school-based professional development model and process, is the results and national reports of accessible study and purpose and verification examples; the results of the research conducted and open to access within the scope of the subject integrity. In the study, the results of the field research were examined by the document analysis technique. In this regard, research is a qualitative method study. The study concluded that teachers of the SBPD Model had a positive view at the beginning, and that there was a decrease in perception and positive visibility to the fact that the model was applicable, depending on the difficulties encountered in the implementation process.

Professional development, school-based professional development, teacher competencies


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