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Countries have to temporarily or permanently host citizens of other countries for various reasons. It is one of the important duties of state administrators to ensure the integration of individuals who migrated from foreign countries and came to their own country. One of the first steps of this harmonization is to include foreign nationals who are of education age in the education system and to enable them to continue their education from where they left off. In order for foreign students to receive education, the priority is to ensure that students learn the native language used in the country. This study aims to determine the problems faced by teachers in teaching Turkish to foreign students studying in secondary schools. For this aim, a descriptive case study with a holistic single case pattern was carried out as a qualitative study. In the 2020-2021 academic year, 15 secondary school teachers working in secondary schools in Ordu province Ünye district and who have given or are teaching Turkish to foreign students were included in the study group. The 5-question interview form developed by the researcher was applied to the teachers in the study group. Findings were obtained in accordance with the purpose and sub-objectives of the research by applying content analysis to the answers given by the participants. According to these findings; The psychological problems of foreign students are one of the biggest problems in teaching Turkish, it is not possible to generalize the desire of foreign students to learn Turkish, but this attitude has changed over time, the support of their families in teaching Turkish to foreign students is positive, and It was concluded that another student, speaking the same language as the foreign student, contributed to the solution of the problems encountered by teachers in teaching Turkish to foreign students in secondary school. According to the results obtained in the study, various suggestions were made to researchers and practitioners.

Secondary school, Turkish education, foreign student


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