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This research aims to know the lexical meanings of the concepts "usr" and "yusr", the words and concepts derived from them, their contextual meanings, the use of the words "usr" and "yusr" in the field of education and their derivatives in general. The research also aims to make the reader think with a religious view of the meanings of the concepts of "usr" and "yusr" based on the science of Islamic education. The concepts of "usr" and "yusr" are used in many senses in the Qur'an. In general, the concept of "usr" is "difficulty"; The concept of "yusr" is used in the sense of "convenience". Because difficulty and convenience are encountered in all areas of life. Within the framework of the meaning drawn by the Qur'an to the concepts of "usr" and "yusr", the main thing is convenience and difficulty is purient and temporary. Therefore, one must make an effort to get rid of every difficulty suffered. The value of a job gained through this effort will also be much better known. The value of easily obtained work is unknown. The concepts of "usr" and "yusr" are commonly used in the Qur'an with different variants. The life of this world brings with it many difficulties. From this point of view, there is an easy side to everything as well as a difficulty side. It is a Quranic understanding that ease comes after every difficulty. The difficulty is achieved by folding ease. It is expressed in the Qur'an that ease will be provided to all who believe, do good deeds and have good morals. It is stated that this convenience will be obtained as a result of patience. Otherwise, it is mentioned that in case of denial, bad deeds and immorality, the person will be challenged.

Tafsir, Qur'an, Usr (Hardship), Yüsr (Ease), Semantic.


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