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The visual discourse in interior design is linked to a system of meanings, significance and expression. The discourse is embodied by design, the role of the designer as the sender, and the message represented by the design product and the future (the receiver). Realistically and virtual and upgrading the design output that obliges the recipient to be surprised and anticipate through animated and sequential scenarios framed by light and sound stimuli while preserving the identity and local symbols. (How effective is the visual discourse in the internal spaces, realistic and virtual?) So the goal was (discovering the effectiveness of the visual discourse and the design advancement in the interior spaces of the local studios, realistic and virtual), and defining its literary and scientific terms. The visual in interior design and the second topic, upgrading the interior spaces through virtual reality, and through those topics, the theoretical framework indicators were reached that are in the subject of the research that helped to reach the approved research methodology met In the third chapter, which included the research procedures and methodology, so we relied on the descriptive approach (comprehensive survey method) for the total research community according to justifications that were clarified in the analysis through the indicators of the theoretical framework. Most notably, it showed the ability of the interior designer to show the visual discourse in the interior design and its use in designing the private interior spaces of the news studios of the Iraqi satellite channels The designer's ability to employ modern technologies with high potentials by showing the scene with high accuracy and may appear stereoscopic three-dimensional, easy to understand and perceive by the recipient or viewer of the event or news scene, the conclusions I reached by studying the research community and then providing recommendations and suggestions for future research.

Visul discourse, design upgrade, interior spaces.

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