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The primary objectives of the schools are; is to prepare students for the future by creating a basis for students to realize themselves. One of the prerequisites for schools to achieve their goals is to have students at school and to ensure their attendance at school. However, "student absenteeism" is among the leading problems of schools today. This study, which was carried out to develop suggestions for solutions by determining the students' views on the reasons for absenteeism, was carried out in the phenomenological study pattern, which is one of the qualitative research models. The study group of the research consists of 20 secondary school students who are enrolled in secondary schools in Ünye district of Ordu province and who are absent for more than 15 days. Students' absences are based on e-Okul (School Management Information System) records for the 2019-2020 academic year. In the research, semi-structured individual interview form prepared by the researcher was used as a data collection tool. Depending on the data obtained from the participant answers; The reasons for absenteeism were determined as Family, Student, School Administration, Teacher, Health Problem and Environmental factors. Among these factors, it was concluded that the density was due to the student (individual) and that the students explained this situation with the statements "I am bored, I cannot have fun". Regarding the negative consequences of absenteeism, it was found that students could not direct the future and meet social expectations. In addition, students' answers to reduce absenteeism; It points out that it may be effective for students to be enrolled in the type of school that they will adopt and believe they can be successful in, positive interaction among peers, and more social, cultural and sports activities in schools.

Absenteeism, student absenteeism, reasons for absenteeism


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