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Education and training are essential elements for a nation to survive, preserve its material and spiritual values and progress and generate benefits. The spiritual dimension of education is as important as its material dimension. There is a need for religious education that will satisfy the spiritual side and raise spiritually as well as the education that will ensure the material development of the human consisting of matter and spirit. Religious education and mysticism aim to develop people personally and spiritually. From this point of view, the common point of both fields is human and human education. Sufi education is a systematic religious education activity carried out to achieve both the goals of religious education and the goals of its own education. The common purpose of religious education and Sufism is to raise perfect people. In this respect, it is the aim of the research to discuss the conversations of Ken’an Rifai, one of the last Ottoman Sufis, in terms of religious education. Due to the fact that there are not many exemplary figures who can be role models today, it is important that the words of an exemplary person within the framework of the two common science disciplines will contribute to religious education, and to filter their words through religious education. The research called "Religious Educational Perspective on the Words of Ken'an Rifai, one of the last Ottoman Sufis", was examined with historical method, understanding method and literature scanning technique, and an answer to the problem was sought. In this context, what is the relationship of Ken’an Rifai's words to religious education? The answer to the question was sought. In terms of Sufism, it has been seen that the common point of both Rifai's words and religious education is to raise perfect people. Hatice Cenân Hanım was seen to be the first mentor of her son in Ken’an Rifâî's being an example to people as a sufist.

religious education, mysticism, Kenan Rifai, perfect people.


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