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Dualities and opposites still occupy a space of cognitive diversity in design, especially in interior spaces as a wide field for visual enrichment and aesthetic and expressive values. Psychological behavior and incites contemplation and affirmation of relationships that question the values and purpose of beauty. Perhaps one of the most important features of dualities that were based on expressive references in Arab thought is the duality and shadow and its formal reproductions that move in the visual scene between two opposites that show an expressive, aesthetic relationship of forms abounding, translation that reflects, translates and reflects light and combined, combined mass treatments. And when the designs of modernity and beyond swept these features, this was replaced by smooth solid forms that are almost alien to our Arab environment, leaving the style of the mentioned dualism that was associated with the spatial identity of Arab architecture. Thus, the researcher finds the need to be familiar with the nature of this duality and its enforcement in architecture and internal space and its expressive intellectual dimensions, as well as the possibility of reviving its meanings and characteristics in the designs of local and Arab public institutions through the current research tagged: "The duality of shadow and light and its expressions in the design of interior spaces". The study aimed to reveal the positive features of shadow and light and its variations in the design of interior spaces in the light of the changing formal values, and consolidating knowledge of the nature of that duality and its applications, to activate it in architecture and contemporary interior spaces, in a way that activates the functional and expressive aesthetic aspect. In order to implement the goal of the research, the researcher conducted an extensive study that included three chapters. The first dealt with the research problem, its importance and goal, as well as the boundaries and definition of the terms contained. The second chapter contained the theoretical framework, which in turn included two sections, the first of which took the opposite dualities and their concept. Then the second topic came with light and shadow and its formal expressions, and then came up with a set of conclusions with several recommendations.

Anahtar Kelimeler
duality, expression.


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