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With the 2017 constitutional amendment, the presidential government system model began to be implemented in Turkey in 2018. When the semi-presidential government model covering the years 2014-2018 is ignored, Turkey has been governed by a parliamentary government system for many years. Both systems have their own structures and institutions. With the transition to the presidential government system in Turkey in 2018, important changes were naturally made in the Turkish public administration structure, and new institutional structures were created. It is observed that the central focus of these new policy transfers is the US presidential system. However, the structure of the Turkish administrative organization and Turkish administrative law has been shaped by policy transfers from the French administrative model. Some conceptual and legal problems arise in terms of public administration when institutional structures from the US management model are tried to be mounted on a structure based on the French type management model. In this study; "Presidential Offices", which are thought to be able to observe these contradictions clearly, and the place of these offices in Turkish public administration have been tried to be discussed. Although descriptive research method is used in general in the study, historical research method is also included from time to time. Concepts such as Anglo-Saxon legal system and Continental European legal system, state public legal entity and other public legal entity, central administration and local administration, hierarchical control and administrative tutelage control, public administration and public institution were compared. Finally, the American administrative organization was examined and the changes in the administrative organization in Turkey and the position of the offices in terms of legislation were discussed, especially through the Presidential Decree No.

Presidential Government System, Presidential Offices, Public Administration.


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