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After God created Adam and his wife out of nothing, the reproduction and continuation of generations has always been through marriage. Even though the time, place and social structure of societies are different, some ceremonies and rituals are held before men and women come together and establish a home. Before and during the wedding, some goods, money and gifts are presented to the girl or the family of the girl to be married by the man. The upper and lower limits of these gifts are in proportion to the social status and financial power of the families. The lower limit may be an iron ring, while the upper limit may be a large number depending on the social structure and status of the families. These gifts presented to the girl's family or herself are called mahr, bride price or kalg. As in the verse (Qasas, 28/27.), which forms the basis of our study, in some societies, there may be service for a certain period of time as the price of the marriage in question. In this study, we will focus on the demand for service for a certain period of time in return for marrying one of his daughters, which happened between Shuyab (a.s) and Musa (a.s). It will be focused on whether this service is a service for the father or the mehir of the girls, and the explanations of Islamic jurists and methodologists about the bindingness of the Sharia of those before us will be given. For this reason, while explaining the concepts of title and mahr, the procedural and legal sources will be consulted, and the tafsir and especially Ahkâm tafsir, which are our main main sources, will be applied.

Shuayb, Musa, Mahr, bride price, Sharia of those before us


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