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Since man has been plant on the face of the macrocosm, he has been constantly searching for everything that guarantees him security and stability, and the need to form groups and live with members of his species in one place is nothing but substantiation of his love for peace and peace, as well as the desire for an authority that regulates the work and affairs of his life and cover and guarantee his rights and guaranteeNon-aggression against members of his gender, which achieves him the most important ways and styles that guarantee concurrence between the sovereign and the ruled, and between members of society through diurnal practices and connections, and studies indicate that the authority, especially the political bones, may be characterized by an intertwined system dominated by the spirit of justice and looking at the subjects with the same eye. And this infrequently happens in governance practices, or it may be limited to some political systems, which have exceeded the desire for power and despotism, and may take another direction that may be a cause for the loss and deterioration of civil peace, through its exercise (ie, power) of despotism, oppression and despotism, and this stems from From the nature and strength of the authority itself, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the system of laws that give it the right to exercise a set of styles of governance that prove the legality of the authority, and from this point of view came this attempt to know the reality of the state The traditional authority in Iraqi society and how it deals with civil peace as a social reality and a abecedarian demand for stability and the weal of society, and what's the nature of traditional authority in light of heads, that is, in the case of losing control of the arm of government. The study reached a number of results, including . It came clear from the field work that the conception of traditional authority in the minds of community members revolves around the authority of the head of the family, the sheikh of the clan, and the lights who are admired and appreciated in their community. It was plant from the exploration that the traditional authority in society has returned to effectiveness in the current stage due to the imbalance of the sanctioned system and the challenges that were presented after 2003 in terms of insular, factional and ethnical conflicts and the performing proportions that generated centers of power more frequently than not, which weakened the rule of law. The field study data showed that the traditional authority performed a social and political function in settling numerous conflicts, which contributed significantly to achieving achievements in civil peace.

authority, society, societal peace, stability, attractive authority.

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