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Permanence has influential values in the interior design spaces as it takes an important and wide space in a Human life since ancient times Than His love for life has pushed him to search for ways to extend his survival in it. and ancient human devised multiple ways to preserve his food and drink for a longer period, which would spare him the trouble of daily hunting. With the passage of time, his concept of Permanence developed and he used it to preserve his holdings, tools and housing that protect it from natural factors. And then it became to enhance the survival of its use of the interior space by achieving some enriching design additions and supplements that appeal to users of the interior space and break their boredom and monotony, such as the use of comfortable furniture, harmonious colors, sculptures, wall drawings, as well as plants and everything that he finds beautiful in the natural surroundings to achieve comfort in the inner space and enhance survival and Permanence in it through what these bodies and formal values encompass, which in turn activate the functional and aesthetic aspects, in order to achieve the goal of the research, we conducted an extensive study that dealt with the research problem, its importance and purpose, as well as the limits of the research and defining the terminology contained, while the theoretical framework included two topics. The first dealt with the concept of Permanence and its components in interior design, while the second included the Permanence and Intellectual Premises of in Heritage interior design. And then reaching a set of conclusions summarized the objective data in a clear and accurate manner, and then making several recommendations.

Permanence, Intellectual Premises, Interior Design.

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