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The people of the dhimma constitute one of the classes of the Islamic community, and the dhimma means in the language "covenant, safety and security." This term is applied to people of other religions, especially Christians, who have remained faithful to their religion and lived in Islamic societies in exchange for payment of the jizya that is defined by Islamic Sharia. Like practicing their rituals and rituals, without interference from the state, according to the Almighty saying, "I have no religious commitment." God be upon him, his family, and his companions "in his dealings with the Christians when the invasion of Tabuk came out, Democracy and respect for the rights of non-Muslims reached during the reign of Imam Ali (peace be upon him), who was the Caliph and stood before the judge, with his opponent, the Christian soldier, and when the Imam did not find sufficient evidence to prove this sword his sword, the Imam gave his sword to the Christian soldier, meaning justice and tolerance It was enjoyed by these Christians and even the Jews during the Islamic rule. The presence of Christians among Muslims was a reason for the emergence of the principles of tolerance advocated by modern reformers, and this common coexistence created a kind of harmony and a kind of tolerance that was not known in Europe in the Middle Ages.

Dhimmis, Christians, Jews, coexistence, tolerance, monasteries.

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