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Sufi prose, with its remarkable uniqueness, continues to tempt researchers to visit its worlds and its metaphors, it is a different art that is alienated from the familiar and the prevailing, and penetrates into the mazeof astonishment and bewilderment, and takes the way of combining taste knowledge and indicative language and thus presents a new vision its first obsession Raising the question, in an effort to realize the beauty of the harmony between the limitations of the self and the expansion of the universe and its extensions, and therefore it is imperative to look at it in accordance with this unprecedented specificity in Arabic writing, this art, which has remained hidden from the circle of attention, with its structural and functional characteristics, and overflowing with its arts In particular, however, he remained absent or absent, prevented by marginalization from achieving his merits, because of the authorities and the excessive differences hostile to this secular flag, which was reserved only for Sufism. Sufi signs establish a new pattern of saying, in which language is freed from the grip of exclusivity to the space of pluralism, and dissociates itself from the widespread use of methods of saying, and came with new perceptions, and with this perceptions, sufi language has been removed from its being and proven by reformulating new concepts of language. At all levels, from the point, the letter and the word (the term), to the linguistic fabric formed by sufi prose, and the basis for the difference that depends on the paradox of the sufi knowledge system based on the knowledge of the heart and its imports, other than the system of reason based on its proof and evidence, This language is limited in expressing the taste salvoal sought by Sufism in the circumstances of their founding, their snouts and their desires, and they have nothing but the language of symbolism and sign-up, nodding to those sects that only those who have tasted and experienced their conditions, as if this type of saying really meant to break free from the domination of a monolingual power, and to fly into the vast space of imagination from which Sufi knowledge originates. The reading of the expressions produced by the sufi taste can only be achieved by discovering the sources of these expressions, and without this can not be captured by the hidden meanings that disappear behind the phrase, the ambiguity that characterized sufi prose is due to internal subjective factors resulting from the desire of the mystic In the cover of their knowledge, they fear that this knowledge will spread to those who are not from its people, and for fear of the apparent scholars, especially with the ordeal that occurred to Halaj (T309H), Sahourdi (T632H) and others, and from the womb of suffering this language was born The reference, and after all this comes the study of researchers for this language, which constitutes the Sufi discourse of all kinds, poetry and prose and the specificity granted to him by uniqueness and discrimination, and to solve these problems we tried hard in our research to highlight what sufism referred to in the side The prose, which dealt with this aspect of the language, especially in the sixth and seventh centuries, because sufism in this period of time raised their flag above the apparent scholars of commentators and jurists, and their proximity to the princes and the first of that time was clearly visible, and the reason for the This is due to the large number of murids of sufi scholars.

Phrase, Symbol, Prose, sufi.


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