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The researcher’s study concerned the intellectual symbols and how their aesthetic practices in contemporary Arab formation are due to the importance of these symbols as effective in the countries of the Arab world and their effect on enhancing visual communication and arousing interest. The study consisted of four chapters. The first chapter focused on its methodological framework in which its problem was identified with the following question: What are the intellectual symbols and what are their aesthetic practices in contemporary Arab formation. The aim of the study was determined to identify the intellectual and doctrinal symbols and to reveal their aesthetic practices in Arab plastic art, while the second chapter consisted of three topics, the first of which was concerned with studying the intellectual symbols and their importance in different areas of life and the second topic focused on studying the aesthetic philosophical propositions while The third topic was concerned with studying Arab plastic art and its most important pioneers who were interested in their symbols as effective constructive elements. As for the third chapter (research procedures), it included the research methodology adopted by the researcher, which was represented by her adoption of the methodology of description and analysis of the content of the sample models being appropriate methodology for their study in addition to their inclusion in the study community And her sample, and in order to complete the study, the researcher identified a set of results consistent with the study's importance and purpose, including: Intellectual symbols establish aesthetic responses in contemporary Arab plastic art. Then the study was concluded with recommendations, proposals and a list of sources.



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