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The human makes efforts to fulfill his different desires from the materials needs to the entertainment and luxury. The designer is using the possibilities including the visual attraction which means one time the design act materials to make design works and another time the visual attraction represents one of the critical basics to success the design act. Its so important to study the visual tend and it is mechanisms to coordinate and organize the interiors spaces. The current studies “the visual attraction of the interiors spaces design” means using possibilities in the interiors spaces design which is using the descriptive and analytical methods to explain the visual attraction and possibilities which use in the interior’s spaces. The results and conclusions appeared there is a weakness in design and thoughts building which lead to fail to visual attraction resulting in losing much of discerning the interiors design of the receiver, as well of absence of much of the sensory and formal effects and a weakness in design relations which dominate of design building for study samples. Finally, the study gave much of recommendations adopting the design building which has a structural system compatible with the charm and beauty of the interiors design that leads to the visual attraction mechanisms works properly.

Anahtar Kelimeler


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