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Abdülhak Hamit Tarhan planned his theaters called Kanbur, in which he questions human existence, life and eternity with a metaphysical and ontological approach, in the form of Kanbur's biography. This study aims to reveal the relationship between literature and soul in these plays, especially Hamit's searches in terms of perception of life and human reality, and other concepts and ideas he deals with. In these plays, Hamit, while trying to clarify the unity and life cycle of the life and death cycle of the human being starting from Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel, with the contrast between men and women has brought the ambition and conflict expressed in Abel and Cain to a theological reality with five different fictions by basing it on death and the struggle for existence. The allegorical heroes in the games that were chosen deliberately from those who fought death, reached immortality with their works and deeds, and human's search for "meaning" has been given in the light of these heroes, within the framework of all the truths that have been lived and can be lived between these two cycles. The soul analysis made in all works of literature is made evident from the spirits' own language by removing the bodies of the heroes. These heroes, who could not come together on an impossible ground, were given all powers and under the domination of the representative pair of Adam and Eve, Kanbur and Dilşad, as the phrase goes the plays turned into a stage of "confession" without the mediation of the author. Considering the fact that the real being is the soul and the immortality of the soul in Islam, all questions that cannot be answered were asked to their original sources, and the search for worldly answers received a death-life cycle instead of leading to a complete result. In the inadequacy of human comprehension, Tarhan included the "prophets and the voices of the voices from absentia" in his fiction. The author, who portrayed Dilşad and Kanbur as "in need and obliged to die continually and resurrection! ..", in this way, evaluated the questions and answers that could not fit into a human lifetime with the perception of a migration, a journey, a hereafter, sometimes reminiscent of the Iliad and partly the Divine Comedy, in the window of the spirit ontology "in integrity" and immortal.

: Hamid, Kanbur, spirits, struggle, immortality


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