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This study examines the sign language - the language of the face and eyes - in the Noble Qur’an, and adopts the analysis of the Qur’anic verses in which a number of facial and eye expressions were mentioned, highlighting their importance in terms of linguistic and semantic terms, in the past and present.This study is based on the idea that human communication does not stop at the limits of the spoken word, rather, it goes beyond it to communicate with facial expressions and eyes, and their role in conveying the desired idea, and exploring and diagnosing their impact on meaning, for they are tools that help in conveying the meaning, and an ability to translate the feelings and emotions that are going on in the soul with complete sincerity, relying on the analysis of the discourse in The Holy Quran. Hence, the subject of this study has been chosen, and we have given it the title: (The Sign Language in the Noble Qur’an: A Special Study in the Language of the Face and the Eyes). We were content with the language of the face and eyes of the body. Because the topic is so broad, these limited pages cannot accommodate it fully. The importance of the study lies in the fact that it revealed a distinctive and pioneering role in the language of the face and eyes in the Holy Quran because they help in correct interpretation and understanding of the Quranic text, in addition to being an important factor in human communication. In the study, the two researchers followed the inductive approach to trace partial matters by observation in order to produce general judgments from them, which depends on tracking the Qur’anic signs and deducing holistic concepts from them. This study discusses the concept of sign linguistically and terminologically, and traces it to the ancients and modernists, then talks about the language of the face and eyes in the Noble Qur’an, revealing the significance of each indicative term related to them in the revelation. The study has concluded with results, followed by a set of recommendations.



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